Shopping in Lachine is one of the best boutiques in Lachine located at 1470 rue Notre-Dame. Leading the way as Lachine's flagship children's clothing and shoe store, you would not be disappointed. is located close to Marché Lachine, Montréal's oldest public market, which features gourmet shops and café. We are not very far away from the new Tim Hortons Lachine on rue Victoria.

Our store is close to many daycares, the CLSC Lachine as well to the beautiful Lachine Canal. Located in Montreal's southwest, the Lachine Canal offers an amazing display of nature. Other interesting stuff in Lachine include the Demi Marathon Lachine, Villanova Lachine, OGym Lachine, Thai Express Lachine, Amir Lachine, SAAQ Lachine, and Pizza Lachine.