Investors & Partners

Canada is the second best country in the G20 to do business, according to Forbes. The province of Québec offers one of the country’s most innovative economies, with highly-skilled, multilingual workers, a vibrant cultural community and an exceptionally high quality of life.

As a growing business, we would welcome equity investors. As an equity investor, you will provide capital, almost always in the form of cash, in exchange for a percentage of our profits and losses. We would use the funds to boost capital expenditures to expand, run daily operations, reduce debt, build liquidity, and hire new employees.

Our long-term strategy is to open new stores in strategic locations across Canada. We are also looking to transform our e-commerce platform into a world-class system. Our Canada business number is 779261726. Our Québec enterprise number is 1172039860.

We currently have a growing customer base. We already have good contacts with vendors and suppliers. If you are looking to buy our business (acquisition), we would like to have a discussion with you